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About Us

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About Us

At Mehak Facility Management services, we provide a comprehensive range of facilities management services which, when incorporated, allow our customers to apprehend cost savings and efficiency gains. Our management teams monitor workflow and manage performance against strict key performance indicators, providing our customers with cost certainty and consistency of service. 

Mehak Facility Management services provides the complete range of planned/preventative and response maintenance services required and availed of by many of our clients. These services include House Keeping & Pantry services, Security Guard, Manpower Solutions, Pest Control, Facade Cleaning, Hospital Administration, Civil Work, Construction and Post work Cleaning, Front Office and Administration Management.

Due to this range of services/ trades and extensive market knowledge, Mehak Facility Management services can meet the client's increasingly complex requirements with competitive practical solutions. Offering a depth and breadth of resources unsurpassed in the industry, Mehak Facilities Management provides comprehensive facility management services to corporate facilities owners and users nationwide.

Vision and Mission

AtMehak Facility Management services, our motivation is to create value for our customers and for society as a whole. We measure success over time; our performance is about more than just fiscal and monetary results. Our business demands that we reflect the ultimate purpose of our projects, responding to the expectations of both users and the wider public.


An acknowledged leader in the field, Mehak Facility Management servicesPvt ltd has built a reputation for maintaining cost-efficient operations while continuously improving the level and quality of service. With experience ranging across virtually all property types - from corporate headquarters to data centers, educational facilities and industrial complexes - Mehak Facility Management services currently provides facility management services to public and corporate customers.

On every contract regardless of the size or scope, Mehak Facility Management’s objective is to offer a quality, cost effective service which frees our clients to maximize the potential of their core business.

Why Us

Mehak Facility Management services Pvt ltd is principally dedicated to the maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings, such as hotels, office complexes, arenas, hospitals, schools, convention centers, and other similar louboutin schuhe sites.

Through economical services, we make sure our patrons are offered proper operation of all aspects of the buildings and sites to create an optimal, safe and efficient environment for the occupants. It requires consistency in best practices from a single facility management company. Our aim is to deliver the best quality facility management services for individuals, professionals, and businesses in and around Delhi/NCR.